Common answers to common questions

Q. Do you stream?
A. Yes, yes we do! Just click right here to stream us live!

Q. How do I get my music played on The Penguin?
A. You can bring us your CD to our igloo. Leave it at the front desk in the care of Beau Gunn. Make sure to highlight the track you want us to focus on. Please do not call; we get hundreds of CD’s a week, so we can’t always get to them immediately.

Q. Is advertising expensive?
A. 98.3 The Penguin caters to small businesses, with multiple advertising plans for any budget. Before you rule out radio as an option, please contact Brandi Griffin, Director of Sales and Client Services. Just click here to send an email.

Q. How can I advertise my business?
A. That’s Brandi, too - click here to send her an email. Or, if you prefer to chat on the phone, you can reach her directly by dialing (910) 772-6305.