About Us

In a word it’s eclectic. The Penguin is indeed a different kind of bird. You won’t believe your ears. You’ll hear music that you know & love but can’t believe is on the radio, plus you’ll hear new music that will have you asking, “Who is that?!”

From Dylan, Marley, Stevie, Aretha, Van & Bonnie to Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, The Black Keys, The Revivalists & The Avett Brothers, listening to the Penguin is like listening to a personal record collection, bouncing all over the musical map. We play the heritage artists & help break acts like Adele, Mumford & Sons & Lumineers.

Spend a week with The Penguin and take a ride where you’ll discover a new world of music.

Welcome to our Penguin family, where we’ve got the music down cold.